To make your trip a trip of a lifetime

We get it. Between coordinating time off and juggling all the travel logistics, gathering your group together for a trip is a big deal. So we’re here to make sure you do it right, and do it up in a big way.

First, we eliminate the stress of planning group travel by doing it all for you. Then, we elevate your trip by adding in the extras that only travel “insiders” like ourselves can provide, like expert destination guidance + out-of-the-box experiences. The result?


A standout trip that serves up a lifetime of memories.

Hi, I’m Sarah Harrington

I was lucky enough to travel from a young age—my roller-coaster-crazy sister and I would head to the Orlando theme parks every year with my parents. But I got my first real taste of group travel on a high school trip to the Mediterranean. I loved being surrounded by peers my own age, who shared similar interests (like eating all the Italian pizza we could!).

And most importantly, I realized how much I loved traveling with others—because it pushed me just enough out of my comfort zone to try things I would have never attempted on my own. For example, I’m not a hiker, but I found myself scaling Mt. Vesuvius and standing on the top, 4,000 feet above ground level, long enough to snap a photo or two. And while I’m picky about my food, I had the time of my life in a Greek grandma’s kitchen, where she whipped up a huge meal full of authentic flavors for all 30 of us.


Your Personal Travel Advisor

When you travel together, you travel with confidence. That built-in sense of belonging allows you to relax into the moment, whatever the moment throws at you (even if that moment is climbing volcanoes!).

You come home feeling far braver than you thought you were—and more deeply connected to the ones you shared your experience with. That’s why I’m thrilled to help groups, large and small, embark on their own adventures of a lifetime. With my deep attention to detail, I’ll ensure your group finds the perfect balance of pampering comfort and stretching just outside your comfort zones with hand-picked luxe properties, hands-on excursions, and can’t-find-it-anywhere-else experiences guaranteed to build bonds.

Confidence & connection 

It pays to have a plan

We help you get the most out of your vacation—the most value, the most fun, and the most discovery—by planning out every part of your itinerary for you. Explore our travel planning services now.


A few of my favorite adventures

Immerse yourselves in the fiery spirit of Spain! Explore vibrant cities like Barcelona, relax on pristine beaches in Mallorca, or marvel at the architectural wonders of Granada. From flamenco nights to tapas crawls, Spain offers a captivating blend of culture, food, and unforgettable experiences.



Embark on a sensory adventure in Morocco. Navigate bustling souks in Marrakech, trek through the golden sands of the Sahara Desert on camelback, or unwind in a traditional hammam. Immerse yourselves in the rich tapestry of Moroccan culture, savor exotic cuisine, and create memories that will last a lifetime.



Escape to paradise in Tahiti, the crown jewel of French Polynesia. Relax on overwater bungalows, snorkel amidst vibrant coral reefs, or hike through lush rainforests. Tahiti offers a luxurious escape where turquoise waters, breathtaking scenery, and Polynesian culture create a truly unforgettable experience.



Discover the Land of Smiles, Thailand. Explore ancient temples in Bangkok, learn the art of Thai cooking, or island-hop through turquoise waters. Thailand's vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, and stunning landscapes offer something for every adventurer.



Cycle along picturesque canals, explore world-renowned museums like the Van Gogh Museum, or indulge in craft beers at a local pub. Amsterdam's relaxed atmosphere, artistic spirit, and charming canals offer a unique European escape perfect for creating lasting memories with loved ones.




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