5 Ways to Make Your Celebratory Getaway Extra Special

You’ve booked your plane ticket in honor of a major milestone—whether that’s a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or even a honeymoon!

Now, it’s time to take your vacation to the next level. Because when you’re celebrating something extra special, you deserve an extra special travel experience to match.

Here are five ways we love to elevate our clients’ travel experiences when we know they’re celebrating something big:

1. Decorating your resort room or cruise cabin.

If you’re planning a getaway to celebrate your partner or friend’s birthday, anniversary, or special accomplishment, start their stay off on the right foot by secretly decorating their room before they arrive.

And no, you don’t have to fly in early to accomplish this! Many concierge teams at top resorts and cruise lines will spring into action to help. They may bring in balloons, shower the room in rose petals, or leave a special gift (like a delicious bottle of wine) to surprise the celebrant. We work directly with resort and cruise concierge teams to make this happen!

2. A dinner surprise.

Imagine: you’ve just sat down for your scrumptious dinner, when the waiter brings over a bottle of bubbly. Or just as you’re wrapping your meal up, out comes a tiered cake alight in candles. These little moments can make the whole evening unforgettable—but it can be hard to track down the maitre d’ ahead of time to let them know your table is celebrating something extra special. That’s why we do it for our clients! We’ll arrange your dinner reservations ahead of time and let the team know that your table is there for an extra special night out. Then, watch the VIP treatment unfold.

3. A private dinner on the beach.

If you really want to up the dinner ante, it doesn’t get better than this. Many top resorts offer the option to book a private, secluded, multi-course dinner on the beach—perfect for just-for-two birthday celebrations, anniversary meals, or even the ideal set up for a proposal. It’s just you two, your white-gloved waiters, the sand beneath your toes, and the moon and stars shining above. It doesn’t get any more special than that.

4. A professional photography session.

You’ve packed your favorite vacation fits, and you’re celebrating a moment you want to remember forever, in a place that’s drop dead gorgeous. That means it’s time to bring in the professionals—professional photographers, that is! We love booking a professional photography session for our clients on their special getaways; it’s truly the ultimate souvenir. Plus, you’ll feel like a VIP as you pose and smile on a perfect stretch of beach, pretty Parisian boulevard, or other picturesque locale. Professional photoshoots are an especially great option if you’re sharing your celebratory getaway with a group—because it may not be often that you get the whole group of you together, so it pays to document it in a special way!

5. A private excursion or experience.

Nothing makes a vacation feel more elevated than when it feels like it was tailor made just for you. So let’s arrange a hands-on, immersive excursion that aligns with your celebrant’s interests. Maybe that’s a private cooking class, a mixology session or wine tasting experience, an island-hopping boat tour, or even a personal shopping experience. A private excursion is a great way to get off property and explore if you’re staying at a resort, and it also works if you’re cruising: instead of going with one of the standard group cruise excursion options, we work with our partners in the destination to arrange something private and elevated, just for you!

Ready to make your celebratory getaway an elevated experience from beginning to end? We know exactly how to VIP your special vacation—just book your complimentary consultation call to get started.

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