Cruise or Resort? How to Pick the Best Vacay Option for Your Group

You’ve gathered your group together, and everyone is IN for one epic vacation. Now the question is: what kind of adventure should your group embark on?

You’ve gathered your group together, and everyone is IN for one epic vacation. Now the question is: what kind of adventure should your group embark on?

Both all-inclusive resorts and cruises are excellent options for groups (especially if you know how to unlock special perks and upgrades for your group). But there are some key differences between the two options that can affect your group getaway.

Read on for help deciding whether a resort or a cruise is the perfect pick for your group:

If you’re looking for a sense of intimacy … go for a resort.

Even at large, sprawling all-inclusive resorts, it’s pretty easy to carve out your own space just for your group—you can congregate around a private pool cabana, find a tucked-away spot in the resort’s lush gardens, or simply stroll along the wide sandy beach.

It’s harder to find that same kind of intimacy on board a cruise, simply because the high number of travelers all sharing the same limited space. Rooms at resorts also tend to be larger than cruise cabins, so you could also all pile in there—perfect if you want to get ready together before a night out. If elbow room means a lot to your group, opt for a resort!

If you’re looking for a lively atmosphere 24/7 … go for a cruise.

There is something fun for EVERYONE going on on board a cruise. It’s like a floating party (especially if you pick a cruise line known for stellar on board entertainment). You’ve got Broadway-caliber shows, pool parties, waterslides and surf simulators, and maybe even an onboard casino and shopping center. Resorts—even the livelier ones—tend to be more mellow than cruises, and don’t tend to have the same wealth of entertainment options.

If your group likes to drink … go for a resort.

At resorts, all-inclusive really does mean all-inclusive. If your group will be pairing mai tais with dinner and drinking margaritas by the pool, then an all-inclusive resort represents an excellent value.

A cruise, by contrast, often makes passengers pay extra for a drinks package—it usually doesn’t come included in the base price. Something to think about if your group isn’t known to go easy on the beer, wine, or liquor!

If your group tends to be more “scatterbrained” … go for a cruise.

Almost every group has one (or more!): the traveler who forgets half their toiletries at home, who doesn’t check the weather before they pack, who cuts it way too close at the airport and barely makes the flight.

If your group has a few “scatterbrained” travelers, a cruise is a great fit. It doesn’t matter what they leave at home—you’ll find it on board your cruise, from shopping for sunscreen to picking out a whole new outfit. Plus, if you want to ensure your group is on time for your big adventure, then a cruise gives you plenty of incentive. A cruise ship will ABSOLUTELY not wait for any passengers who are running late. So your group has to be on time, or else!

(Hint: if you’re really worried that some of your group may actually miss embarkation time, make sure your group flies into your departure port the day before and stays the night in a nearby hotel).

If you’re traveling with kids … go for either!

Good news for family groups: you can’t go wrong with either a cruise or a resort, if you pick the right one! Both family-friendly cruises and family-friendly resorts tend to have awesome kids clubs, fun entertainment geared toward kids, kid-friendly dining options, and spaces kids and adults go wild for—like water parks or lazy rivers.

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